Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Corpsessed - Corpsessed (2012)

EP, Dark Descent Records
May 25th, 2012

Genre: Death Metal
Region: Finland

Following their 2011 EP "The Dagger & the Chalice" (which was one of my favorites last year) this is Corpsessed's self-titled second EP.

Two tracks in total: "Demoniacal Subjugation" and "Of Desolation". Both are heaping servings of ripping death metal that doesn't stray to far away from their last offering, each containing some pretty simple but sweet sharpened, dirty riffs strewn amongst the deep growls and mid-paced chest-crushing drumming.

There's not much to say here honestly: the slow crunchy moments destroy, the faster ones tear with purpose. Powerful tremolo sections run all through this with an evil taint while the crawling powerchord parts will hypnotize.

It's a short but a completely enjoyable ride that keeps you plenty interested. If you liked last year's effort there's no reason you wouldn't like this. The guitar tone is a thick tasty buzz and the material hasn't backed off in terms of quality — I just really want a full album from these guys.

Just a taste of what they're working on and it's quite sick, so get on it. You can buy this in 7" form from both Dark Descent Records and Parasitic Records, and follow them on facebook.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
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