Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cellgraft - Cellgraft LP (2012)

EP, Self-released / Independent
July 29th, 2012

Genre: Grindcore
Region: USA

This my friends is the final record from the Insect Warfare-influenced, vicious Florida grindcore outfit Cellgraft. After their final show on September 1st at the Brass Mug in Tampa, Florida they're calling it quits. They've generously left this unrelenting jagged shard of grindcore as their final word, and they've done so for free or pay-what-you-can via their bandcamp page.

Their records have been tremendous, truly doing the grind scene proud, and it's really a shame that they've split — especially considering they deserve a ton of attention for their hard work and dedication to face shredding grindcore over their short 3 year existence.

Self-titled and raw as you could ask for, this record is as short as any GridLink release and approaching their level of might and ferocity, while sidestepping technicality and barreling head-long into darkened, brutal speed. Outside of the opening track "False Sequence of Value" there is only one other track of the 17 here that approaches one minute in length. The opener is also the slowest you'll ingest too, at least for the first minute as it clobbers you with a maniacal set of distorted groves.

The rest are refined sparks of grindcore in its purest form, tracks that will flatten you like a runaway nuclear freight train. It's a record that demands you spin it at least 5 or more times before you realize the excellence you've just encountered in the 12 minutes of sonic ear rape they've recorded. You'll be sheared apart by razor sharp and dirty riffs, an endless heap of blasting snares and kickers, devastating snarling bass licks, and some truly wicked growls and screams puked forth with disgust and contempt. They haven't released the lyrics for this one but I can only assume (from the titles) they're as cold and calculated as the music — dealing with dystopian cybernetic ruin, synthetic monstrosities, and network corruption with a definite political cloak. All undeniably appropriate.

It's all over too quickly for one to be able to properly process this hectic tangle of shrapnel. What I can tell you before you dive into it is that the energy level is cranked passed 10. It's powerful. Each tasty riff is tailored specifically for raw, bestial fury and in that sense the writing is excellent. There isn't eye-opening innovation but that's not the point here (as if that needs stating). The velocity of each track is breathtaking and you'll be compelled to put this on repeat.

Once again and for one final time Cellgraft have shown they've earned the right to use one of the legendary Insect Warfare's track titles with an unstoppable, light-speed assault. Any grindcore fan should not think twice about spinning this beast and, if you're feeling nice, chipping in whatever you can when you download this LP; I doubt there will be a physical release. They were nice enough to let you guys have this final offering for free so you would only be doing good things for such excellent musicians.

DOWNLOAD (Bandcamp)

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