Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saltillo - Monocyte (2012)

Trip Hop/Neo Classical
Full Length, Artoffact Records

Now I know that most of Equivoke's followers are looking for something that falls into a more "extreme" genre but I also know that at least a few will find this to be quite a treat. Saltillo is a solo project by Menton J. Matthews III, he made Ganglion in 2006 combining Neo Classical with Trip Hop. Monocyte is no different, except this time his music is more atmospheric and evoking. This album is really just an example of someone actually creating what they really want to create, and I applaud Menton for that.

The album cover is truly something else, Menton is also an illustrator and if I'm not mistaken he drew this himself. What a great contrast between the black, white and grey. And that skull looks like it perfectly on the that ledge. The only gripe is the text, looks like it's in the way.

At the very beginning of Monocyte you get a very good feeling, an example of what the album wants to portray. Very dark and dreadful unlike Ganglion which was bright and hopeful, even with sounding like something with high production values Monocyte still manages to actually invoke, again a dark and dreadful atmosphere. Maybe the contrast between Ganglion and Monocyte was intentional.

The album certainly has variety, you have heavy distorted beats with violins smacked on top but then to break things up a bit you have samples of broken word moments. There are even female vocals here though they might not appeal to some people's taste. So before you download listen for yourself in this video.

This album however can get a bit repetitive despite the variety, the album just under hour long length can really get to someone if they are the impatient type. Other than that this great stuff, hopefully you guys will enjoy this because I sure did. 

Plus look at this guy's beard.

He's like Rasputin or some shit.


  1. Hah, didn't expect to see Saltillo on here. Thanks for posting! :)

  2. Hahaha, the ratio of music on this blog sure has changed. One of the first albums I posted was The National hehehe.

  3. Ganglion was really good. thanks for this

  4. this is actually meant as a soundtrack to a comic book by the same name, so it's a bit more restrained than Ganglion and, according to Menton, his upcoming full-length due sometime later this year. that's why it's more atmospheric and a little more basic. i still liked it alright though.

  5. Well shit, I guess I better pick up a few of his comics at the comic shop where I do my faggot nerd things.