Friday, April 13, 2012

Announcement — Equivoke Forum

So after some consideration and due to some unfortunate circumstances elsewhere with a closing of a more private forum, I and Sagi have decided to add a discussion forum to Equivoke. If you look at the column to the left under our disclaimer you will find a link to the board.

This could either strengthen our humble community by bringing together followers and friends for good discussions about music, labels, and live shows OR completely backfire and attract people who are bigger cunts then we are, creating a horrible pit of uninformed arguments, immature flaming and hoards of trolls/spambots that we'll have to shutdown all too soon.

Place your bets people.

Anyway, we hope some of you have a modicum of interest in joining us for conversation as well as occasionally dicking around. It's going to be pretty liberal and unrestricted unless someone starts acting douchy. We've started some threads but it's pretty bare right now. I'll be adding more and hopefully those who sign up do as well.

One last thing: there will be a suggestions and download thread for music, and if admins or posters such as myself enjoy a particular suggested band or album we will post it up and give a shout out to the member who brought it to our attention. However this will not be place to request your band/project/label/snakeoil to be posted on Equivoke — we still have our email address (see the disclaimer) open for bands to request a review or post so please continue submitting there.

If you're too lazy to click on the link in the side column: ENTER HERE.

Enjoy and behave!

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