Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mamaleek - Kurdaitcha (2011)

Full Length, Enemies List Home Recording
March 1st, 2011

Genre: Experimental Black Metal
Region: USA

Mamaleek is two mysterious brothers making some very strange, intriguing black metal. Previous albums had some jazz influence, this one however has dropped it while retaining the electro-noise elements, subtle synth use, and heavily distorted guitar/vocals. These guys have generously put their album up for free on Enemies List with an option to pay what you like if you enjoy it, preorder the album on vinyl, etc.

Definitely an odd and unique sound that sticks out among other acts in the genre. You won't hear much else out there like the sound they've crafted. If you're looking for something different give it a shot and support them if you can.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)


  1. Jazz influence in their older albums you say? I'll definitely be picking up this album along with the others.

  2. as strange as it is good !

    I think if you like this kind of atypical records, you should take attention (if it doesn't already done) to the latest albume of V.E.G.A. called " Far From You)
    it seems that they deleted their myspace and website very recently :/

    I would like to thank your for the good job done down there, exactly the kind of sounds I like, among the large bookmarks about metal I have, your blog is nearly the only one where I like more of 75% of the albums promoted ! ( haha with Ryonikis one :p )