Friday, March 11, 2011

Lento - Icon (2011)

Full-length, Denovali Records
April, 2011

Genre: Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal
Region: Italy

You gotta love great bands that release their shit for free (in 320). Lento's first solo album "Earthen" was seriously heavy with ambient elements throughout, and they also did a improvised album with ambient stoner/doom masters Ufomammut. From Denovali:

"The foundations for ICON had been laid during two years of intense touring in Europe. In this time, LENTO have started to develop a more chaotic and restructured songwriting. This new level of sound has then been perfected during numerous hard rehearsels in the touring period, and has been deepened in a period of one year, which LENTO spent isolated in their home-based studio. In that year, LENTO managed to cast the molten outcome of their creative process into ten new songs."

This release is a little different from previous outings, there are slight progressive elements alongside the crushing sludge riffs and atmosphere. I'd encourage everyone who enjoys this band and their music to also preorder Icon here, where you can stream it live too.


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  1. I can't stop listening to this album. So strange. Great riffs.