Friday, May 14, 2010

Funebrarum - The Sleep of Morbid Dreams (2009)

Full-length, Cyclone Empire
April 17th, 2009

Genre: Death Metal
Region: USA

The riffs. Oh the outstanding riffs. Seven tracks none of which are weak and all of which will have you on the floor winded from the power of its force. 

This is some punishing death metal from the USA with members of the doom giants Evoken, and death legends Incantation as well as Disma so yeah expect some tight writing and a killer guitar tone. No compromises, no fooling, just devastating and addictive guitar and bass riffs, deep and terrifying roars, quick ripping solos and pulverizing drumming. You can feel all the influences here perfectly converging to create some top notch and very memorable face splitting death.

Well crafted and highly recommended for any death metal fan, especially Denial, Disma, Iniquity, Adversarial, Ignivomous, etc.

1Perish Beneath
2Grave Reaper
3Beyond Recognition
4Cursed Eternity
5Incineration of Mortal Flesh
6Nex Monumentum
7Among the Exiled

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