Friday, November 20, 2009

Buried Inside - Chronoclast (2005)

Full Length, Relapse
February 18, 2005

Genre: Sludge/Post-Hardcore
Region: Canada

In 320. Concept album surrounding time:

"This is not a meditation on physics, philosophies, or paradoxes of time. More gravely, this is a contention on the condition of time; as conception and mechanism, abstract and value, divider and pacemaker. Time is the primary socializing tool and the clock is the key machine of industrial capitalism. The imperialism of space and material is everywhere evident, but the imperialism of time is a shadowy beast. To the chronoclast, what is of direct concern is how time is perceived, controlled, exploited, manipulated, institutionalized and internalized. If we do not understand time, we become its victims. One thing remains apparent: time politics are power politics. Every sundial, water mill, calender, week cycle, social policy, and temporal monument has served a particular interest and ideology. The hallmark of these, of course, has always been technological power ad chauvinist control. In the service of precision, the atomic second is now defined as the duration of 9,192,631,770 ± 20 particle oscillations within a cesium -133 atom. But planks of reason are deceiving and time wars must continue to be waged. As every calender makes clear, our days are numbered."

1Introduction 2:51
2Time as Ideology 3:14
3Time as Methodology 2:23
4Time as Surrogate Religion 7:11
5Time as Imperialism 4:24
6Reintroduction 2:00
7Time as Abjection 4:55
8Time as Automation 0:56
9Time as Commodity 5:50
10Time as Resistance 6:15

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