Friday, May 3, 2013

Braveyoung - Will The Dust Praise You (2013)

EP, Self-released / Independent
May 3rd, 2013

Genre: Post-Rock
Region: USA

Braveyoung are definitely something ever more beautiful then originally imagined. Floating like they've cut ties to an anchor since leaving their moniker Giant as a widening, quietus plane has been formed between. A space where minimalism and tragic, sombre ethereality bloom, and that is fully realized on this haunting EP Will The Dust Praise You.

This has been streaming on their soundcloud page since late 2012 I believe, I heard it then but wanted to wait for official news. Where as the recent single was more of a heavenly siren call and breathed something supernatural into some of the uplifting aspects of their sound, Will The Dust Praise You takes the most melancholic moments of We Are Lonely Animals and expands them, enriching the already soul wrenching isolation in four movements.

I only labeled this post-rock because WALA at least resembled it, it's clear they're now a little outside of that. At this point for the time being they've embraced forms of minimalism, cold strings delicate piano, haunting and deep ambiance — as you've noticed in the brilliant single as well no doubt, same with their collaboration with The Body last year. That is the soul focus here: encase you in atmosphere through ethereal hymns flowing so smoothly, gently lifting you sometimes to terrifying heights only to cushion your slow, dark descent.

Only four steps in this journey but they're rich and consuming, albeit quiet and measured with the finale taking the emotional cake no question. Expect cellos and violin "Inquietud" serves as a telling welcome as moaning violin and other strings meet you, telling a sad tale and leaving the path dimly lit to "No Cure". A tranquil rise and the lonely plinks set in while the whirring continues, faint clicks of pedals, a second ascent is triggered as fingers press down progressively harder on those keys.  The switch there brings a muffled blossoming of beauty only for the piano to cement things one more time.

"I Felt Even Then How Monstrously A Man May Get Used To Things" is the third passage, reminding me the most of material from WALA with it's cautious, fragile keys which grow in confidence as the song unwinds, soft drone gaining weight with each bass pluck beneath — never trouncing the piano until the very tip of the track. It's the simplicity and minimal complexity used so well to channel some deep moving sentiment within all members, drawing it out from all of them as one cold melody. I would say they've accomplished translating it just fine. A very touching moment on this EP.

But it is "Relief Is Near In Four Parts", an eight minute trek, that as I said is my favorite here. The whine through the reverb fog that you find in the first minutes strikes deep within, slowly constructing itself as you're brought to the darkest, abandoned reaches of the sky over snowy tundra. Once the piano enters a whole new mass is given. The removal and sudden injection of the swells and ebbs, recombining at various volumes makes this all the more crushing,

Layered cello and violins with very subtle bass over an incredible hum, all of this reaches a climax and in the last two minutes a very Godspeed You Black Emperor approach is felt in the aural deterioration of the drone afterwards. It's hard not to draw comparisons at this point. Their sound is their own though and the wavering, diminishing drone is still gripping as it leaves.

Braveyoung do this well and you see it throughout their work. Growing sounds like flowers from the ground over time, and suddenly you're in the middle of this field of colour being overtaken by the thickest of mists. That's how it should be done and they do it effortlessly without pretense, and without padding or stretching. Just good, passionate writing.

Will The Dust Praise You is huge , lonely and graceful. Once again Braveyoung continue to set themselves apart from the bloated herd and cut through the wilderness of their own dense, haunting world emerging all the more impressive. You can preorder this directly from the band if you're in the US (two different versions, one containing individual art for songs) and if you're international like me send them an email about it. Or if you want go to bandcamp and pick it up for $5 and stream it.

DOWNLOAD (Bandcamp)

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