Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shit Luck - Slow Death (2013)

Demo / EP, Self-released / Independent
April 11th, 2013

Genre: Blackened Hardcore/Crust/Grindcore
Region: USA

I'm still working back through my (and others') 2012 list so those posts will get more regular between newer records, but for now another new and quick one. Florida's Shit Luck just released a pretty damn enjoyable eight minutes with this demo and I think some people here will enjoy it. I definitely am despite this subgenre becoming a little watterlogged.

Creatively this is a couple of big steps up from their 2012 release Expired which, upon checking it out, showed promise but did not hint at the fairly intriguing mash-up that we find in the five songs here. Just on a base level this is louder, grittier, far more aggressive and full sounding, tighter with a more interesting approach to the whole YAITW blackened crust style.

They're not breaking conventions but this four piece do push something refreshing to various degrees and I'm interested in where they're going to take it. You can expect lots of feedback between tracks and raspy hoarse vocals, though here the vocalist is slightly outside the mold while spitting themes of alienation, apathy, bitterness. The down-tuned ashen riffs whirling onward through thick, muffled distortion creating a pretty bleak atmosphere. On the other end the drumming is competent, pretty tight snare and keeps shit together well but the kicks are pretty weak.

However like Dephosphorus they find a comfortable and rewarding zone where grind, crust, and black metal influences break apart and reform in energetic, satisfying and very heavy ways. Definitely more on the grind side of things but the brief excursions involving larger doses crust/blackened-etc. work in both the slower closes ("Slow Death") and the galloping rhythms ("Maniputlate") and compliment the furious attack found everywhere else.

You're met with this immediately on the opener "Into The Chasm", the opening riff and percussion taking after Dephosphorus to some degree before spilling into a series of blurred, crackling hardcore rhythms. It's the title track and "Manipulate" that are the stand outs for sure though and are easily the best formulations of their sound — filth permeating the riffs and vocals and both ending with phenomenal, simple slowed sections. "Slow Death"'s first half is grind ridden assault with hints of crust, and once you cross into the second half shit gets crushing as a torturous, dark section consumes you. "Manipulate" is the second boulder of this demo though where the formula found in the title track is repeated without losing steam and with a devastating effect.

This contrasts pretty starkly with "Waste" which follows, as it is nothing but a 28 second grind wildfire that drops all other masks. And to a large degree this is the case with "Timeless Grief" but this does not make them any less interesting. That latter track has some vicious chunks in it, the interruption in the final breakdown for a frightening roar combined with feedback beats you down bluntly. Overall the filthy storm of genres here is very effective and refreshing enough to set them apart from the pack.

So yes this is a fuckin' wicked little demo cassette that is definitely worth a listen. Especially for those who are into the crusty black hardcore out there like Young And In The Way or Dephosphorus, or even Votnut, Hexis, Unsacred, etc. Shit Luck are probably ones to keep an eye on. The physical version of this is limited to 35 copies and only a few were sold online — only two are left on bandcamp so if you want to throw them $4 get on it. Otherwise it's free.

DOWNLOAD (Bandcamp)

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