Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fetocide - Repetitive Patterns (2007)

Full Length, Self-released

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Region: Germany

Alright guys, someone has to help me out on this one. I first started posting here back in 2009 and it was around that time when I stumbled on Fetocide's 2005 record Redefine. This was a debut tech death record from a unknown band that was seemingly designed to please me, renewing some faith in the existence in a Cryptopsy/Iniquity level quality tech death band with it's own style that didn't break up or turn to shit.

So naturally I posted it up here. This was way back before I wrote much and I should probably review it for real at some point. I think it may have been one of my first posts.

Not long after that I read that the drummer had been injured and the bands was inactive for a time. Skip up to now: I return to Redefine after a long time, and upon tumbling down a short internet trek I discover that somehow Fetocide released a second record, an EP and a split since I last checked. All of which (except for the split) were apparently out when I was spinning their first album excessively but eluded my attention somehow...

How the fuck did Repetitive Patterns just materialized years after it was supposedly released without me knowing and without being listed in their discography? I mean considering I discovered their debut long after it (and this) was released you'd think if it was listed (and I never saw it) or in existence I would've seen that shit.

The only logical explanation is time travel.

Anyway you can imagine how surprised, excited and apprehensive I was once I saw this was waiting for me all this time. Redefine was a very sober and pleasing mix of technical and brutal death metal with stunning musicianship and interesting, creative writing. Naturally I have been very curious to know if any follow up Fetocide made would blow me away as much as the debut.

And the answer is... a pleasantly surprising yes. Prepare for a much needed injection of technical brutality. Slightly shorter than Redefine, Repetitive Patterns is another impressive exercise in tempered ferocity which has gone unrecognized.

It doesn't change much in the formula they established on Redefine which is absolutely alright with me. Instead over these nine tracks Fetocide once again show their uncompromising, focused dedication to quality face-stomping death metal that varies nicely; making use of gallops and pinched harmonics in the Iniquity tradition (though favoring brutal death placement and timing).

On that note, the guitar work here is so sharp, tight, fast and creative; pulling gold out of a tired genre. Very few solos (maybe two) and the riffing is complex with conservative use of taps and sweeps, choosing to rely on angularity and a chunky, fast attack. When those elements are used they are usually restrained and timed well so shit doesn't sound like a chaotic wank fest.

You can hear the influences in the final product but as is the case with good musicians they morph those into something quite their own. Examples of this ability bearing fruit are all over thus record, but specifically "Veracity Rejected" and "Slave" which plow over you with a multitude of styles in a cohesive, captivating, and brutal bludgeoning. "Slave" is another example: less than two minutes but packed full of tasty riffs.

While the production could be a little better it doesn't hamper the overall quality. In the vocals department Fetoicde range from monstrous and guttural, to deep barks, and clenched grunts and the bassist (as in the previous record) manages to escape the gravity of the other members on occasion, no less complex in his playing. Oh and the drumming here that is quite impressive at times, often breakneck, thundering kickers, sometimes like in "Non Entity" at the halfway point the kickers are blinding

I think the only difference is a little more brutality, there's a notable increase in (amazing) slams buffering the technicality (such as on "Eaten" near the end, "Non-Entity"'s final quarter, and throughout "Unfocussed"). It increases it's very vague, extraterrestrial Wormed-esque vibe that I definitely feel.

This is absolutely on par with their first record and I highly recommend it. Addictive slams and impressive instrumentation with restraint. I feel as though bands like Fetocide are a dying breed, not because tech death is dwindling — it's as bloated as any genre right now. I say that because they're that very special flavor of tech death that I fell in love with so long ago when I first heard Iniquity and Cryptopsy, and which I still subconsciously chase with very few successful finds (oh Led Astray...).

If you want a copy I don't know exactly where to get their merch, if you search their page it's probably there, I may have missed it. I can't recall where I picked up a copy of Redefine right now but if I find out I'll update this. For now they offer it for download on their site but I've put two alternate links to make it easier.

DOWNLOAD (Zippyshare)
DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
DOWNLOAD (Official Site)


  1. excellent music but im just not digging the new vocalist

    1. Holy shit hellraiser from GT? Nice to see you're still lurking.

  2. yeah, thats me. im still creepin around.