Thursday, January 17, 2013


Equivoke went on an unplanned pseudo-hiatus for two or so months. However the blog isn't dead. In fact I'm finishing up an overdue year-end list right now and then I'll get back to posting more regularly I hope; for the first wave of posts it'll probably be stuff on that list. It seems a few other blogs are making returns as well which can only mean good things.

Also Equivoke is on facebook, if you didn't know already. Follow if you have an account in case some disastrous shit happens or whatever.

EDIT: I'm also going to play with the layout and all that so if things are a little odd then that's why.


  1. Glad to see ya' back!!!!!!!!!!

  2. new song from ENCIRCLING SEA
    vinyl out march 2013
    sickmangettingsick records

  3. whoa, that sounds ace. please don't play with layout i've had too much bad experiences with layout changes this one rules please don't

    (intentional run-on)

  4. great-great!
    you - big thing, man. rly!