Sunday, October 28, 2012

Laid To Rest — The Living Doorway

As you may have heard, one of the great and unique music blogs on the internet was taken down this past week in the middle of a hiatus: The Living Doorway.

This is one in a long, continuing line of great blogs being killed by DMCA complaints, but in this particular instance it is quite depressing. Not just because JGD and Co. promoted and shared some excellent records, but his blog had a unique style in terms of writing, honesty and humor from updates on adventures with his dog to his fitness battles (which I failed at miserably) and health tips, show reviews, to rants on skateboarding and reminiscing about his youth.

The Living Doorway turned me on to some excellent music (not least of which were Mitochondrion, Dephosphorus, Timbre Timber, Plague Widow, and Kiss It Goodbye, all of which I'm obsessed with now and heard there first) as well as music blogs such as Coffinpsalms, Forever Cursed, Pervert The Church, Slays For Days, Perpetual Strife, and many more. It was one of the first music blogs I began following that intrigued and amused me since I began participating here on Equivoke.

Plus JGD is just a real nice guy, and his dog Billie is a cutie.

So lets have a moment of silence and remembrance for one of the greats who have fallen, and hope for a reincarnation soon.

They may be gone, but JGD has mentioned that he shall return in the future. For now though you should follow The Living Doorway's facebook page for any updates on the future status of the blog and JGD's music and dog related antics.

At the same time, one of the aforementioned blogs that was taken down last year (Pervert The Church headed by TheIndomitableSpirit) will soon be seeing a rebirth in the form of a new blog: Nothing Less Than Lost. It is not up currently but will be soon, so keep your eye on this one for some excellent tunes, reviews and commentary. I will be linking it on our "Brethren" sidebar once it arrives.

To end, I would like to express my thanks to JDG and The Living Doorway for sharing their thoughts, helping us and other tiny blogs get our voices out there, and spreading the word about some fantastic records and bands. I hope you guys make a triumphant return and spit in the face of copyright complaints.

One final aside: I have been considering making a facebook page for Equivoke so in the event of something like this happening to this blog (which is entirely possible at this point) all of you will know what's planned; if you even care that much. I may just go ahead with it, but I'd like your thoughts on this if you have any.


  1. I dont post new albums anymore because of this stuff. I think the future in these types of blogs will consist of just writing. And maybe posting band/label approved downloads.

  2. This is a hit to us all, whether you fully realize it yet or not. JGD and The Living Doorway had a big impact on the blog I run.

  3. Too sad to see how TLD ended. That blog was probably the main influence for me to create Forever Cursed. It will be missed.

  4. @eli: I feel the same way. Nowadays, the music I post consists of either incredibly obscure albums or stuff I found on Bandcamp.

  5. That actually makes me mad seeing this. I was checking back hoping it was a short lived hiatus today and found this. The internet mods are stone cold.

  6. i ran hot dogs for currency and abandon all hope, and i was shut down quick around the time megaupload was shut down. sucks to see a lot of other blogs falling suit...

  7. Make a facebook page, I look forward to following you there as well. I run a blog that has no downloads (save for free/legal downloads) and even I get anxious every time a blog I love is taken down. I've lost too many in the past year.

  8. I don't know I think we've been spoilt for music and we take it for granted. Maybe this is a good thing. Secondly how had you not heard KIG before the blog?!