Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chelsea Wolfe - Live at Roadburn (2012)

Full Length, Burning World Records
September, 2012

Genre: Gothic/Psychedelic Folk/Folk/Ethereal Wave
Region: USA

I recently saw Chelsea Wolfe with Marriages and Russian Circles, and her along with her band mates soaked the venue in soft doom and penetrating gloom. I would love to see her again and suggest you all do the same if she passes through your area.

In the absence of getting another chance to see anytime soon, here we have a new live record to sustain us — coming close to a month before the release of her acoustic record Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs.

This is Chelsea Wolfe's performance from April 12th of this year at Roadburn. Her set contains six tracks from Apokalypsis and two from The Grime and the Glow, including the phenomenal acoustic track Halfsleeper (the opener) which is performed on the electric guitar with subtle contributions from the rest of the band; making it all the more haunting and beautiful. Though it still does not quite match her performance for Terroreyes for me:

Regardless it's the perfect way to open her set and it's still one of her most mesmerizing songs to date. I shouldn't need to talk this record up. Quality is great, the set is a great selection and her performance is flawless.

A wicked live record from a spectral music anomaly. Grab this from Burning World Records ASAP, the gold version is gone but the black is still around.

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  1. Awesome post. Been all over Wolfe lately. There are links out there to her new acoustic albums if you feel like sharing more Wolfe to the masses.

  2. Chelsea Wolfe is so sick. I've loved the last two records, and really been meaning to pick up that Rudimentary Peni tribute she did.