Friday, June 8, 2012

Aseethe - Reverent Burden (2011)

Full Length, Gilead Media / Floating Cave
August, 2011

Genre: Doom Metal
Region: USA

Saw these dudes at the Gilead Media fest and they were pretty damn good. I believe they played this album in full and it was fuckin' brutal so why not share it right?

Aseethe are a fairly new three piece act fashioning some droning doom metal on various splits since 2008, and Reverent Burden is their first full length record. Its a modest outing of 2 songs between ten and fifteen minutes each. These guys have got a great sound that burns slowly. Both tracks incorporate pieces of drone and ambience with the doom dirges which makes for some menacing atmosphere.

"Reverent" is the first side of the album and it begins with a very deliberate crawl, creaking strings and fading symbols roll onward and swell for a good four minutes before we get to the meat of the track. The riffs and chords here have a dissonant quality.  It's heavy no doubt, the yawning guitars build at a snails pace as the dissonance is traded for mountainous powerchords with drowned out and hoarse vocals bellowing under them. Aseethe use a very simple structure here to pound you into the mud. A cycling howl of noise begins to slowly envelop the instruments by the end of this first track, and this continues as riffs shift to loud feedback in the final 3 minutes.

"Burden" follows on the next side, slightly shorter. It does not lead with a noisy intro but instead crushes you immediately with titanic riffs until you begin to hear that drone build up again behind just as the vocals come in. That ominous noise is always there and becomes more noticeable when the riff grinds much lower, straining and bending like a beast pulling at its chains — "Burden" is an appropriate title. It continues like this for a little while before some shift occurs but the pace stays the same: a leaden gait that sears into your mind. It returns the previous riff but sped up only slightly as if that beast has suddenly began to break its restraints, and the moaning drone gets louder right to the finish.

Do check these guys out if you like the heavy stuff like Hell. They pull off droning doom of serious quality. You can get this over at Gilead Media, Halo of Flies, Howling Mine, Robotic Empire and a few others. This is a vinyl rip just so you know.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
DOWNLOAD (Zippyshare)


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