Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Light Bearer - Lapsus [2011/320]

Comprised of members of Fall of Efrafa and Dungeons, Light Bearer takes the post-hardcore sounds of Rinoa and Envy, and blends it with post-rock melodies that give it it's own unique sound. This is a must-listen for 2011, and it's easily one of my favourite albums of the year, if not my favourite.

Artist: Light Bearer
Album: Lapsus
Release Year: 2011
Genre: Post-Hardcore/Sludge Metal

1. Beyond the Infinite
2. Primum Movens
3. Armoury Choir
4. The Metatron
5. Prelapsus
6. Lapsus

Credit goes to buzzkillr


  1. Thanks for giving me credit for discovering that band.

    Also have a FLAC link if you're interested...

  2. I was trying to figure out where I got it from, I updated the post with some props, jeez

  3. Thanks, lol. About that flac link...you interested?

  4. One of my favorites this year as well.

  5. Fixed the link and added another.