Monday, February 28, 2011

Atmosphere - When Life Gives You Lemons... [320/2008]

This is easily one of my favourite hip hop albums ever. The album is produced extremely well, and each song has it's own unique feel to it. This, complemented with Slug's trademark storytelling makes the album an enjoyable and diverse experience. Songs like "Your Glasshouse" and "Shoulda Known" provide a dark, gritty atmosphere; "You" with a very 'poppy' sound that sticks in your head; "Guarantees" and "Me" a more sorrowful presentation, and everything else is in between these extremes. Seriously recommended for hip hop fans.

Artist: Atmosphere
Album: When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint that Shit Gold
Release Year: 2008
Genre: Hip Hop

1. Like the Rest of Us
2. Puppets
3. The Skinny
4. Dreamer
5. Shoulda Known
6. You
7. Painting
8. Your Glasshouse
9. Yesterday
10. Guarantees
11. Me
12. Wild Wild Horses
13. Can't Break
14. The Waitress
15. In Her Music Box


  1. I'm absolutely not a Hip hop fan(except Dälek) but it's really good! Thanx for the discovery.

  2. No problem! If you enjoy this I can easily recommend Sage Francis as well. Very similar in style, maybe a little more instrument-focused.