Saturday, September 18, 2010

Siah & Yeshua DapoED - The Visualz Anthology (2008)

Full Length, Traffic Entertainment

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Region: USA

Ridiculously excellent shit right here, in all aspects. Addictive as all hell.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)


  1. its not bad but not nearly as ear catching as say P.O.S., sage francis, aesop rock, etc.

  2. Oh my, hellraiser. I'll be seeing P.O.S. and the rest of Doomtree in a few months. Anyway "not bad" lol. All I'll say is I find them quite ear-catching (especially Siah), a very surprising and enjoyable release all the way through. Good to see you're still around.

  3. wurd, i plan on seeing them as well.

    ive only listened to the album once so far. so my opinion may change. it was definitely enjoyable though.

    i lurk from time to time. talked to hellstorm on youtube, etc. :D